Tasmanian Wedding Video // Nik + Courtney

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Tasmanian Wedding Video // Nik + Courtney

In life there are moment that touch you and there are moments that define you.

In their first year together Nik and Courtney experienced hardship when Courtney fell seriously ill.

They faced their deepest fears of losing one another.

During this testing time, their love did not waiver, but grew in strength. Nik showed kindness, compassion and strength in actions and words. He did not leave Courtney’s side and it defined them both.

From that moment they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet. – Rumi


This day was made possible by:

VenueHawley House – Guest House and Receptions

FloristArt’s Floral Lab

Celebrant‘Marry Me Tasmania’ Janelle Wilson Civil Marriage Celebrant

PhotographerKristy L Photography

Wedding DressLittle White

Make upBell Viso Makeup Artist

SuitsTorque Gear for Guys

Cake Scrumptious

Wedding HirerTreasured Vintage Rentals, T & M Wedding & Events

Kind words from the Bride:

Lewa you where amazing! The contact you kept with me throughout the process was excellent! Your attention to detail and organisation rivaled my own and I loved that. I knew that on the day you would capture the most amazing footage. In the lead up to the wedding you and your team felt like part of the family and you seamlessly slipped in and out of depending on the moments. You were so respectful on the day of our feelings and emotional states. I remember you taking the time to check in with us about how we were feeling and if we needed a break. It was refreshing.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am that we made the investment of getting our wedding filmed! It is something I will recommend to any future friends or couples when they decide to get married!! I love that in the future we can show our children our wedding and I cannot thank my best friend for telling me to get a videographer!


South Australian Wedding Video // Chloe + Adam

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Chloe and Adam (aka Adsy) were amazing to work with.

Their relaxed approach, caring and enthusiastic demeanor gave us space to think creatively. They also chipped in the filmmaking process in getting some surf and drone footage.

Chloe first found out about The Love Lab through a wedding they attended in Tasmania. We were so honoured that our craft resonated with them. They flew us up to Middleton, South Australia and blew our minds with a beach/farm tepee wedding.

EVERYONE in their wedding went above and beyond to make sure we were welcomed. Without their help, this film wouldn’t have been as epic.

We’d like to thank each person who helped:

HAWKEYE IMAGERY (DRONE SHOTS): We are so grateful to Travis from Hawkeye Imagery who shot drone footage (CASA licensed). Your added dimension made this film ethereal.

TOMMY COCKS AND DA BOYS: Thank you to Tommy, Adsy and the lads for getting some surf shots. Your energy was inspiring!

PICTURE HIRE (CAMERA GEAR): A big thanks to Dave from Picture Hire Australia for rigging up the Ronin.

PHOTOGRAPHY: High five to Alice Bell photography and assistant Courtney Mcfarlane for creating visual magic with us on the wedding day.

KATA AND CO (TEPEE AND RECEPTION STYLING): Thank you to Courtney and Simon for being incredible with our lighting requests, you guys made our job so much easier.

CRAB TREE FARM (RECEPTION): Special fist bump to Mick who gave us a grand tour of his property.

WEDDING PARTY: A special thank you to Sarah (maid of honour) for picking us up at the airport and being patient with all our gear and returning some shot bags for us! You are a bloody legend.

Lucy and Bec for picking up Jacob and being so lovely!

Angie (mother of the bride) for the kind gesture of offering petrol money and being an excellent candle/light maker!

BRIDE AND GROOM: A big thank you to Chloe and Adsy for going above in beyond in making sure we were comfortable in our stay in Middleton. Your hospitality and kindness will not be forgotten.

Other people involved to make this epic day happen:

Cake: Angie Hooper

Signage: Chloe Cocks

Candle & Light Styling: Angie Hooper and Chloe Cocks

Pendant Lights – Adam Cocks

Band: Emma Gordon- Smith

Celebrant: Amy Harrison

Dress: One Day Bridal

Suit: MJ Bale

Make up: Megan Pilkington Makeup

Hair: Fleur Finlay, Ritual Hair

Tasmanian Wedding Video // Lou + Phil

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Lou and Phil love story is a testament to the match making skills of Lou’s aunty Sue and Phil’s mum Dianne.

It all started on a nurse night shift.

Dianne asked Sue if she knew of any nice girls for her boy. Sue rattled her night shift brain and Lou came to mind.

After some “Facey” stalking they decided to put a proposal to Lou and Phil to meet.

They wouldn’t have a bar of it.

But Sue and Dianne persisted. And finally Lou and Phil caved and had coffee.

After four years of adventures, hunting sessions and working together, they’ve been inseparable.

Photographer: Michelle Dupont (see her photos of the wedding HERE)
Celebrant: Kathryn Campbell 
Dress: Kalgoorlie Bridal store
Suits: Mensland
Makeup: Michelle Grosvenor (Bridesmaid)
DJ: Alex Ives – North West mobile DJ’S

See the extended version here:  https://vimeo.com/167226674

Tasmanian Wedding Video Quamby Estate // Farzin + Nikita

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Tasmanian Wedding Video Quamby Estate.

Farzin and Nikita.

This wedding touched me on so many levels. We go way back with many family and cultural ties. I went to college with Farzin and played laser tag with Niki’s cousins.

Nearly 20 years later, it is an honour to be here.

A big thank you to Stu Gibson, Tim, Alec and Dave for their amazing drone skills.
Photographer: Adam Gibson
Venue: Quamby Estate
Event Stylist: Rebecca Ellie Studio
MUA: Sharkra Medi Spa
Hair: Nyki Dourias

Music licensed through the Music Bed


Tasmanian Wedding Video Hobart

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Tasmanian Wedding Video Hobart.

Wendy was a friend of Peter’s late wife Trish. They met in Sydney whilst undertaking a course and shared many good times together, enjoying similar interests in each other’s company. Even before meeting Wendy, her name was often mentioned at home.

Trish and Wendy would often car pool for their lectures held in the evenings 7-9pm.  However, Trish would come home at midnight and Peter often wondered why. After some time, Peter approached her about it.

Her response: Wendy and I were chatting in the car. Scratching his head perplexed, Peter thought how can one talk for two hours into the night? This marked the beginning of a long and lasting relationship between Wendy and Trish.

In Trish’s absence, Wendy and Peter, over the years  developed a deep understanding of each other in a very caring relationship. They have strong family ties and strong strength and admiration for their children and grandchildren which have now been brought together by their union together.

The bonds of family also ties in with their choice of venue, High Peak. This estate was handed down by the Grant’s great grandfather Jack. In the 1890s, he planted the magnificent sequoia shown in the first shot of the video. The property is now under the care of Peter’s brother Jim and wife Annabelle who put in tremendous effort in getting the property ready for the wedding day. Thank you Jim and Annabelle!

A big thank you to all who made this happen:

Venue –  High Peak  (Incredible preparations by Jim and Annabelle Grant)
Marque –  Rollins Hire
Catering – Michael Norton (IndustryLink)
Photography – Fred and Hannah
Flowers – Fig Florist
Cake – Cakes by Grannie
Band – The Robinsons
Ceremony Music – Kate Flemming

Tasmanian Wedding Video // Dan + Louise

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Tasmanian Wedding Video  // Dan + Louise

Dan and Louise are such a delightful couple. Those peaceful moments between them full of peace, love and sincerity were inspiring.

They were beyond amazing and we felt like guests. It was such a pleasure to be with them on your wedding day.

To a long life of beautiful matrimony!

A few others who helped make the day possible:

Photography: Jonathan Wherrett
Catering: Hubert & Dan
Celebrant: Victoria Headlam
Makeup: AJ Makeup
Band: The Geale brothers

Music licensed through the Music Bed.




Tasmanian Wedding Video Mona Museum // Kylie + Dan

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Tasmanian Wedding Video Mona Museum.

When we meet couples one of the first questions we ask is “How did you meet?” Kylie and Dan’s response was unique and made me smile. It was puppy love at first sight!

Kylie, a bubbly, loveable young woman in the hair styling industry, noticed a tall, dark and handsome man coming into her salon more regularly than the average customer. He kept dropping in, and Kylie became naturally curious. One day Dan, a suave and impressionable young lawyer, offered to take Kylie’s pet dog, Snooki for a walk.

I don’t want to give away the story, but our video shows you what happens when persistence pays off – often with a lot of laughs along the way! More importantly, we love sharing stories where love meets from chance coincidences. Those moments when someone plucked up the courage to stop and say hi. When two people play a beautiful game of courtship enveloped in mystery and delight.

Kylie and Dan live in Tasmania and chose to marry against the backdrop of incredible Tasmanian landscapes, scenery and architecture. What do you like most about Tasmania? Tell us about your dream island wedding in the comments.

Hair stylist – Katie McIntosh
MUA – Liv Rodgers of Liv Rogers Make Up Artist
Wedding Dress – Alex Krambousanos of Alex K Designs
Bridal Shoes – Tony Bianco
Boys dressed by – M.J. Bale
Wedding Stylist – Gabby of Event Avenue
Flowers – Lesley Riewoldt of Cabbages
Cake – Lisa Morgan of Creating Cakes
String Quartet– Strings On Fire
Band – Ever Burn

Tasmanian wedding video // Zhuwei + Kavina (pre-wedding)

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Tasmanian pre- wedding video

Love. How do you know love? Do you see it when you recognise it? Recently, it was our honour to meet Zhuwei and Kavina: A beautiful couple from Singapore who travelled to the other side of the world for a unique pre- wedding cinematography experience in Tasmania.

There they stood, on weathered rocks as patient as their love for each other. At the ends of the world, miles upon miles of vast ocean before them.

The rain drizzled upon their crowns, the wind slapped their skin in such conditions that would make mere mortals scurry for cover. But not these souls. These souls stood steady, tall and proud.

Her flowing, orange dress blew in the cold wind. He held her close, a gaze in his eyes that spoke of generations before him, those men who had found that one special person to spend their lives with. A gaze of wisdom. A gaze of assurance. A gaze that only stoic warriors in love have seen, and can recognise.

Zhuwei and Kavina reminded us that love is patient. Love is standing together, during trials and adversity, to overcome any obstacle in our path. Love is weathering the storm. (Literally!) To witness the glow in each other’s eyes as they held each other close, her face nuzzled against her chest. As if the weather had changed suddenly and the sun shone radiantly from above, we forgot about the rain. We forgot about the wind.

In the way that only love can express, we all, at once, felt warm again.

Written by: Chris Sargent